Design variety and planning example

Planners and clients are free in realizing various designs and can adapt the room cells to their specific needs and architectural concepts.

Anwendung Hafthaus


  • Due to the modular design, many different shapes are possible. Several modules can be connected or stacked together

Openings and breakthroughs

  • Room size, windows, doors and switch elements according to choice and specific requirements

Partition walls

  • fixed or mobile walls according to the desired room size and requirements

Room size and interior equipment

  • Office, IT, toilet, kitchen, bedrooms etc.

Roof design

  • various roof shapes with different roof coverings possible


  • Plaster, clinker facade or curtain walls made of wood, metal or natural stone


  • according to preference and type of terrain, the room cell can be recessed, sunk or placed at ground level

construction plans

  • use already existing layouts or implement your own ideas