Modular room cells for security areas

The modular construction of the room cells differs from the conventional construction of buildings.
Our modular construction of jointless room cells manufactured using the ‘bell-founding’ method has some significant advantages compared to the conventional construction of buildings or the use of steel containers:

One address for all your needs and ideas

  • One address for project planning, implementation and warranty
  • Construction time and ancillary construction costs are reduced to a minimum

turnkey delivery and installation at customer's site

  • 90 - 100 % of the interior finishing can be done in the factory, only media such as water supply, waste water disposal lines, electricity and communication have to be connected on site
  • fast delivery due to producing independent of seasons
  • only a few working days are needed for the installation and commissioning of the room cells

customized equipment

  • individual exterior and interior design due to flexible modular construction and individual equipment according to customer requirements

usable in any environment

  • installation in critical building environments and in any climate zone

mobile or permanently installed solutions

  • fast relocation of modules when new requirements arise

buy or rent

  • depending on requirements, room cells can be purchased or rented for different periods of time